Outfit diary (all about the trench-coat )

So I’m starting this new little fashion segment. I’ll be sharing my favourite clothing items for this fall.

This season is all about The new and interesting trench-coat.

I just got the most amazing one from a local biotique in my town cold Verso. 

It’s just a little different. 

You can see the classic belted waste and…. butterfly sleeves. That little element of surprise. 😍

When you look for a fall coat remember to add that special feature. 
This could be a colour, unusual design.. Or anything that sparks joy.

Happy shopping 😘

Coat || Kocca 

Available in Verso

Boomstraat 21

2880 Bornem

How to deal with perfectionism 

People talk about all the good thinks it has to offer. But arguably this is one of my worst personality traits.

The overwhelming feeling of never being satisfied with your own work is very hard to deal with.  

Hire us how I started coping and got more relaxed 

Take distance of your work 

The end result doesn’t define you or your self worth. Your work is not the image you are putting out of yourself. Just because people don’t love it doesn’t mean it’s not good. It’s a learning experience. 

Don’t judge yourself different then others 

A couple of days ago my friend asked me if I would say the same, hurtful things about myself if it was about him. My answer was no. So why do this to myself? 

My point is you are just as worthy as anyone els!

Be realistic 

You aren’t superwoman even if Alicia Keys said so. You can’t have it all. How much we all want it. Some things we can do and some things we aren’t good at. There is nothing wrong with that! 

Japsnies fashion secret (quick post)

In Japan the wether gets really cold and people still wear beautiful dresses and shorts.

Here’s the secret

Thermo clothing, you heated me comfortable warm and beautiful. It actually exists! Last week I went to uniqlo last week and was blown away. 

You can get style and warmth all for a affordable price.

Go and check them out! 

Would you guys like quick daily posts? 

Comment and tell me 

Rik Wouters &The private utopia 

The creepy obsessions and optimism of Rik Wouters brought to life with disigner fashion. This is the new execution on MoMu. Now here’s the what where and was it worth it?


A bland of art and fashion. 

The colourful painting from Rik Wouters compliment the new peaces from Belgiums finest disigners. 

You get to stalk the life the pain and most importantly, the wardrobes.K

You can get a sneak peak on what’s coming and what we can all be expecting to see this fall and winter 


You can see this expedition in the fashion museum in Antwerp.

You can visit the execution from 


Nationalestraat 28

2000 Antwerpen


17.9.16 > 26.2.17

There open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm

Is it worth it?

Yes, it’s a very interesting exebituon. It shows how you can make negatives into positives!

How to make a flatlay 

Finally I feel fit to explain y’all how to make a flatlay. It’s one of the most rewarding photography skills for instagram and I’ll show you exectly how to do it!

Tell a story 

When I look at your flatlay I should know what you are doing. Are you reading, painting, doing your makeup…. Share it! Take out all the products you are using.

The serfous

Choose the serfous according to make your products stand out. If your products are light make them pop by using a dark background. If you don’t really want the product to be in the front and center. You can use a light serfous. Opposite this works too of course.

It’s always easiest to chose a flat serfous, even grass, floors… will work.

The style 


You can make a minimal flatlay. In this flatlay you will use as little products as possible. Empty spaces are a must to nail this one!


Get as much as you can in the frame. Try to use products with different sizes to get a depth of feel. Use every ich you can. Make it interesting.

4. Visibility 

Make every product you are showing visable to get your point across. This is good lighting and a good camera. Honestly the lighting is more important then the camera. 

I’ve been using an iPhone 5 to take pictures for a long time. I actually started my blog with my iPhone 5. But I learned to understand lighting and taking picture here are my tips

  • No direct sunlight 
  • No artificial light 
  • Make your flatlay buy the window
  • Different angles

iPhone 7 plus unboxing and first impressions 

So I finally got my iPhone after the dramatic refreshing at 6 am… Your best bet is to go to the store!  I’m going to tell you how I feel about the phone after 24 hours of use and what’s in the box.

In the box 
When you open the box you see the paperwork. Before throwing this across the room, you should know it has the apple stickers and your sim card tool. Once you’ve taken that out go crazy 👌

The iPhone 

Of course you get the iPhone, mine is the 264 GB iphone 7 plus in rose gold. 

The accessories 

The power adapter and the new EarPods. These EarPods have a lightning connector instead of a headphone jack.

First impressions

The phone doesn’t look that different from the 6s but when you turn it on, the display is amazing. For someone with bad  eyesight like me that’s a bonus.

The camera is truly amazing. You really get a DSLR like experience. For anyone trying to step up there instagram game, yes this is perfect. 

This is an unedited image!

The EarPods : They are great, the lighting connection really makes music sound better.

The speed and internet capability is remarkable. Even in the outskirts of my home I had Wi-Fi. 

And odd change is the home button. It feels the same as it used to even if it’s not a button. This was very surprising.

Overall my first impressions on this product are positive! 

My in depth review will be coming soon. 

Beauty is in your head

Sorry to tell you but Beaty isn’t what other people like.

Yes I promis I’m not crazy. Okay mybe I am but I have a valid point. 

When I started my Instagram account I tried my hardest to follow the big bloggers. But I noticed ever one of these people was unique. 

They weren’t coke cutter perfect. They where themselves.

Think of people like Gigi Hadid. A couple of years ago she wouldn’t have been a model because she redefined beauty. 

And honestly it’s not being pretty that gets you all the way, its persistence. 

If you work hard and stay presistent you will get there, just look at me. I’m far far away from pretty or perfect. But I work hard and that’s what gets me there.  I know I’m not the biggest and most amazing blogger out there but I’m not doing to bad for myself. 

So remember guys beauty is in the brain, not in the mirror